Solar Installation for Homeowners

Right now – when it comes to considering a solar installation on your property – we’ve got a “perfect storm.”

The prices of non-renewable energy sources continue to rise – significantly, I might add.

Let’s take a look at some facts from the U.S.Department of Energy – and hopefully, this information will help you with your decision about a solar installation.

First – energy consumption versus energy production. From 1949-2009, the gap between the energy we consume and the energy we produce has continued to broaden. With that kind of increasing demand – prices for non-renewable energy sources have, of course, risen.

Petroleum, natural gas and coal make-up about 88-percent of the consumption. Solar energy use (which is essentially free after the cost of your solar installation) is only about .1-percent.

So why haven’t more homeowners added a solar installation to their properties?

For many years, the cost of the equipment for a solar installation was exorbitant. Let’s face it. Homeowners aren’t going to proceed with a solar installation if they won’t eventually get a return on their investment – am I right?

Fortunately, in recent years technology has brought us to the point where equipment costs for solar energy systems have decreased – making it feasible for a homeowner to strongly consider their own solar installation.

In fact, solar installations are on the rise – nearly doubling in the past five years.

I told you there’s a perfect storm. There’s another significant factor to consider:

Right now, there are lots of financial incentives available for solar installations. Some are in the form of equipment rebates; others are special financing programs through city, county, state, and federal government; and others are in the form of special tax incentives (from property taxes to income tax credits).

Depending on where you live – you might be able to take advantage of rebates, special financing programs, and tax incentives that make a solar installation within your reach.

Like I said – it’s a “perfect storm.” Increasing prices for non-renewable energy – plus lower equipment costs due to better technology – plus rebates and incentives – all combine to make this a good time to evaluate a solar installation.

Whether you’re considering solar heaters for a swimming pool or hot tub; solar outdoor lighting; solar water heating; solar space heating; solar electricity; or an overall solar energy system – now is the perfect time to consider it carefully.

I have a simple goal – to help educate consumers about their options with solar energy, to help you make a really well-informed decision about your own solar installation, and to continually provide information about the latest news in the solar energy industry.

I hope you join the conversation! Please leave your comments and questions below. If you do proceed with a solar installation – please share your story and your photos Click Here to share your Solar Installation Story.